Adjustable & Counter Height Stools

      When it comes to choosing the perfect bar or counter stools, the options can be overwhelming. However, the key is to find what suits your space best. Are you
      inclined towards stools with backs or do backless options appeal to you? Perhaps
      swivel or adjustable ones are more to your liking. Regardless of your
      preference, remember to take accurate measurements before purchasing to ensure
      a perfect fit in your space. With careful planning, selecting the right model can be a seamless process.

      How Many Stools to Buy?

      One of the
      challenges in buying stools is figuring out how many you actually need.
      Ensuring sufficient space between each piece is essential for comfortable
      dining, drinking, and socializing without feeling cramped. This applies
      especially to kitchen islands, which often serve as the central gathering spot.
      Follow these rules to determine the number of stools that will fit your space:

      • If the
        widest point on any seat measures between 16-18", allocate 21-22" per
      • For
        measurements between 19-22", allow 24-25" or more.
      • If you opt
        for swivel or armed designs, consider adding a bit of extra space between them.

      Stools - A Must-Have for Your Home

      stools are a must-have for any home with countertop surfaces. These models
      typically measure 24-26" from the floor to the seat, making them a perfect
      fit for most countertops ranging from 36-39" in height. With a wide
      variety of styles, from backless to those with backs and arms, you're sure to
      find the perfect option to complement your décor. Begin your search for
      the ideal counter stools today and let your countertops thank you.

      Bar Stools
      - Unmatched Variety and Style

      There are many shapes, sizes, and styles available at Furniture Planet. Typically measuring 28-33" from floor to seat, these
      models are the ideal height for most tables, islands, and counter tops. The proper stool
      height depends on the height of the bar it will accompany. For instance, bar
      height stools are usually paired with tables or islands that are 40-42" in
      height. Whether you're drawn to classic designs or prefer modern backless
      options, knowing the correct height you need ensures you get the most out of
      your new purchase.

      Swivel & Adjustable Stools

      For those seeking a
      customizable seating experience, swivel and adjustable options are top
      choices. Whether it's for your home or office, these models combine style and
      functionality seamlessly. Swivel bar stools provide a full 360° range of motion,
      enabling ease of movement while seated. On the other hand, adjustable bar stools
      allow you to tailor the seat height to your preference, ensuring a perfect fit.
      So, whether you desire relaxation or wish to please your customers, swivel and adjustable models are the ultimate selections.

      Shop at Furniture Planet

      For an
      unparalleled assortment of contemporary and modern bar and kitchen stools, shop
      online at Furniture Planet in Toronto, Canada. Our extensive range includes bar
      height, counter height, and adjustable models suitable for both
      residential and commercial settings.

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